Jordan Jewel Art & Mosaic was established in 2008 to be a money-generating project in Madaba, Jordan (35km south Amman), but, due to social and philanthropic developments, the project transformed to serve nobel purposes, leaving profitability behind.


 For the last 2500 years, generation after another, mosaic artists inherited the know-how and the technique, and they constantly develop methods, tools, and elements used in hand making mosaic works of art. They have learned to communicate with thousands of visitors of different nationalities using simple, few, and polite words with smiles on their faces to draw visitors' attention, and raise a message that they want to live with dignity from their own hands and acquired skills.


Knowing that, a 10 square foot mosaic consumes an average of 400 hours of human labor to be completed by integrating it piece-by-piece; Jordan Jewel for Art & Mosaic proudly announces that the project managed to produce, sell, ship, and deliver worldwide more than 5,000 mosaic works of art, which may be converted to approximately 2,000,000 cumulative working hours. Recently, the gallery area was expanded and reached 13000 square foot.


Today, the project supports hundreds of families through out the hand work of their free lance sons and daughters the majority of whom suffer handicaps. Most families' hopes and dreams are coming true, like giving their children the opportunity to have proper education, medical care, and life with decent welfare.